Here’s Why You Should Never, Ever Throw Out Used Tea Bags In Spring

Never, Ever Throw Out Used Tea Bags In Spring. Here’s why!

Used Tea Bags

Used Tea Bags

Tea bags are not just for tea! The English consume so much tea in a lifetime, there is enough trash to make a whole new garden from the old leaves. Crazy huh! My Brother, Nathan spent a semester studying in the UK and he drinks tea all the time now.

But don’t throw those used tea bags away! There are so many different ways to reuse a teabag (other than obviously making another cup). I am sharing this because there are so many other uses for a tea bag once it has been used than you can ever imagine!

One of my favorite tips is to use a wet, used tea bag for cleaning the leaves of my household plants. Since the plants absorb the tea through the leaves, they get a real treat as well. So once you use the bag DON’T throw it away!

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