How To Easily Make A Bubble Quilt

How To Easily Make A Bubble Quilt

How To Easily Make A Bubble Quilt

How To Easily Make A Bubble Quilt

A bubble quilt is quite possibly the best blanket you can make. It is very warm, fluffy and super easy to make. Even if you have NO sewing experience this type of quilt is still do-able relatively easily.

Quilting is a fulfilling project that gives you an awesome, practical result. Quilts make great gifts for friends and relatives, or even just a present for yourself. If you’ve done a lot of quilting and feel the need to change it up, however, it’s time to try bubble quilting!

You can make a bubble quilt any dimensions you desire. I personally am working my way up to a queen bed size quilt and have this as a blanket for my bed. A lot of my sewing friends have made a long and narrow bubble quilt for babies to lay on on the floor and others have made tiny bubble quilts for chair cushioning and even cup coasters….

My advice would be to take your time, do a little at a time…

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